"THE STORY"....by Alma


"Borgo Sorbatti was built by my great grandfather in the 1880s. Giovanni Sorbatti commissioned it to celebrate the marriage of his son Federico to Maria Pia Anitori whose initials can be seen in stained glass by the entrance.



Federico was a busy notary who divided his time between his offices in Rome, Macerata and Loro Piceno: a round trip that would take him three days!

The plaque from his Rome office can be seen in the gardens now.


His children (left) were Agar (the first female engineer in Le Marche, Vera and Alma.

These were very modern minded women with plenty of spirit which helped them through the tough war years when they ran the estate between them.




However, these hard times left them with many happy memories of wheat harvests, wine vintages and olive picking together.  


There are many happy memories of family get-togethers , reunions, parties and celebrations when everyone came back to Borgo Sorbatti.


 A happy continuation of this tradition took place in 1991 with the hosting of the wedding of Alma's daughter Alda (left).

Her other children Simon and Barbara can never wait to come back.


Alma finds great pleasure in seeing her grandchildren Chiara and Francesco (below) playing on the same swings as their mother and grandmother before them.   

Since taking retirement in 1998, Alma has continued her family tradition by embarking on the restoration of the old stores and opening them up as Le Casale B&B.

Full of her forebears' energy, Alma has taken commercial and tourism courses with a view to promoting this most beautiful of areas.

She hopes that you enjoy the historic surroundings and feel the warm familial atmosphere of this special place.

Grazie mamma.